About Encarnita Berrio

Encarnita Berrio

Encarnita Berrio's Workshop

Encarnita Berrio showed from a young age a clear tendency towards the arts world, dreaming of a life in which the creations she made would represent her. Encarnita’s creations are the joint between ancient, modern and contemporary art.

Her workshop specializes in handmade tulle embroidery, Granadian lace and classic silk and cotton tulle. It offers a wide range of drawings in mantillas, handmade veils for bride, designer tunics, scarves, embroidered fans… Master pieces in classic styles with lace, appliques in color over white etc. As well as newer styles in colors and fringes.

Encarnita has been embroidering for more than 50 years, putting all his love and experience in each one of his creations. That is why it is not surprising that during this time several great personalities have approached the workshop of Encarnita Berrio in search of her handmade embroidery.

Queen Sofia of Spain, Queen Noor of Jordan, the kings of Nepal and other important personalities of culture and sport are among the regular customers of Encarnita.

Encarnita Berrio with Her Majesty Queen Sofia
Encarnita tells Her Majesty Queen Sofia about the pieces she has personally embroidered for the Royal House and those that were previously embroidered while she was working in her mother's workshop. The perfection in the embroidery of each piece has made it an internationally recognized workshop.

International Tour

Encarnita Berrio has also been present at the BRIDE fair in Dubai and exhibited her work at the Milan Fair. Her work has reached all corners of the world, from Australia, Miami or California to the United Arab Emirates or Switzerland.
In her extensive international journey, we cannot forget the numerous courses and conferences that she has held in Mexico, where she has forged a certain fame.
In addition to the fair in Milan and Dubai, we can find it at the meeting of Latin American artisan women in Mexico, the international craft fair in Mallorca and Valencia, and the most important folk art fair in the world, the International Folk Market in Santa Fe. (USA).
Her experience has led her to teach numerous embroidery courses in Mexico and Granada, at the Crearte fair in 2023.

Encarnita Berrio in the media

Throughout these years embroidering, Encarnita has been interviewed in several programs that have approach her to discover how the workshop works.